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If you'd like to make a donation my details are:

My Australian Bank Details

BSB: 484-799

ACC: 201069489


Account Holder: Jadda Francis Jessop

Account number: 494833191

BSB Code: 082-182
800 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3008

A huge thanks to Jesus and Mary (www.divinetruth.com), Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Catherine Spence (www.godsway.net) for regularly donating to me so that I can volunteer full time for Gods Way and Divine Truth.

Financial Records (I'll be adding a more thorough version of this)

2017 Total Income $54,403
Taxable income $21,083 

2018 Total income $79,031
loss of -$27,655

2019 ( I will update this once I'm organised with my accountant) I believe it'll be roughly a taxable income of $20,000

Assets - Rough guess if I sold them
Van $30,000
Food Trailer $20,000
Gazebos $3000
Other Trailer $1000
Combined digital equipment ( laptops, phone, etc) $3000
Tools $2000

Solar, batteries Inverters $6000

Cash savings approx. $25,000 (planning to buy a property soon)

No loans or debt